The Barcelona Convention Center was the venue for one of the key events of the cryptocurrency sector on July 10 and 11. Innovation and development in its purest form. An opportunity that OneUP couldn’t miss. Barcelona Trading Conference, here we go!

Sharing different points of view with the gurus of the sector and talking about the future of the industry is, currently, a challenge. 48 hours full of speeches and conversations which can arouse public interest and lay the foundations of what is to come. Definitely, this world is addictive.

OneUP travels to Barcelona

With Barcelona as the main stage, more than 3,500 attendees, 120 sponsors and dozens of speakers were part of one of the largest events in the industry. Ultimate Finance and Finance Magnates, the directors of this great event, were behind the scenes.

With the event noted on the calendar for months, our team flew over the Iberian Peninsula leaving behind the Atlantic Ocean. Being present in this event was crucial to be up to date with the new technologies, to control possible obstacles that may arise and to have clear our plan of actions.

Barcelona Trading Conference

The reasons for being there were obvious: to enjoy an unusual financial event in Spain; to be up to date with the latest market and industry updates; and to have access, in first person, to the vision of the crypto universe leaders and get to know new customers.

Since 2004 the Barcelona Convention Center has been a benchmark in Europe as a venue for the organizations of events. The choice of the location couldn’t be more consistent, the economic power of a city like Barcelona supported by facilities where design was the main protagonist.

The future is no longer a secret

Some of the crypto’s brightest executives were present in this event. They shared their perspectives about key issues such as stablecoins in 2019, the future of security tokens, authenticity and the impact of operations.

Barcelona Trading Conference

Topics such as trends in the regulations and administration of assets, or the steps that this industry will follow were dealt. Speakers such as Evercoin’s Co-Founder, Miko Matsumura; GRS’s Co-Founder & Board Member, Cristian Gil; MINT Exchange, Harpal Sandhu; Global Digital Finance’s Executive Director, Tena Baker-Taylor and Woorton’s Co-Founder & CEO, Charlie Méraud, among others. The different leaders of the sector were able to bring up the most burning and current topics.

During the days in which the Barcelona Trading Conference was held, we could enjoy not only the speeches of some experts but participate in workshops and share with our colleagues the benefits of the blockchain projects and the importance of not being left out of the industry. It’s time to surf the wave and not to fall behind.

Barcelona Trading Conference

Two busy days in which the cryptocurrencies’ future, the adoption of the blockchain technology and the investments in this type of projects were discussed topics.

OneUP crosses the Atlantic

One of our goals is to expand our global aquatic rescue network of citizens. Getting OneUP to reach all the corners of the world is a very big challenge. Therefore, being present in this kind of events not only allows us to discover how the blockchain technology can benefit us, but also allow us to make visible our cause.

Barcelona Trading Conference

Technological revolutions are often linked with dilemmas and uncertainty. We have decided to surf this wave. And you? Are you a blockchain person?