It is a fact that automation and technological digitalization have come to stay. Unstoppable processes that will become a reality soon and that will be present in many economic sectors. The blockchain in ports is already here.

Including the blockchain technology in port processes could be just around the corner. Improving the supply chain’s transparency and visibility will be possible thanks to the use of this system. Blockchain is a synonym of progress.

Ports 4.0, innovation in its purest form

In the Golden age of Spain, big port works were left half done due to the financial crisis that hit the country. As a result of this period, the expansion plans were awfully affected and slowed down. The crisis exploded and left Spain desolated.

Blockchain ports

But after the storm, calm always comes. After years of uncertainty, maritime traffic began to return to normality and to grow in a sustainable way.

Nowadays, port facilities have managed to increase their terminals and include innovation policies thanks to increasingly automated processes, causing a revolution in the sector and betting on evolution as a different element.

Infrastructures and terminals are not the only ones that are going through a remodeling from top to bottom. Workers are not far behind. As in any transformation process, the professional profile of the operators changes completely. Training is decisive when it comes to successfully completing this restructuring.

Recently, Puertos del Estado has presented the Ports 4.0, initiative, a technology-based ecosystem which is able to create ties between different companies. This proposal will actively promote innovation as an element of competitiveness in the public and private port sector.

The future is coming

Joining this change is a reality. Being left behind is not an option. Ports such as the one in Barcelona are true innovation and digital transformation ambassadors.

With an ambitious sustainable future, this Catalonian port has more than 50 measures to boost this plan. A new telecommunication network which can take advantage of the 5G power and the technological strength.

Blockchain ports

Big data, automation and artificial intelligence will transform the business environment as we know it today. Everything suggests that, in the future, ports with a technological point of view will lead the rankings.

Algeciras bets on tracking containers using blockchain

The Andalusian port get onboard the progress bandwagon. The commitment to progress is one of the main dishes of the Algeciras’ port. Adding the maritime institutions aims to improve transparency and visibility in the supply chain, incorporating the TradeLens platform.

TradeLens aims to create a commercial digitalization platform focused on the maritime sector. This program uses IBM Blockchain Technology as a basis for digital supply chains.

Blockchain ports

Este hecho permite a los participantes beneficiarse de las múltiples ventajas como la transparencia de los movimientos de carga y compartir la información de la cadena de suministro. La plataforma contribuye a la colaboración de los usuarios. La mejora de la experiencia de usuario y la reducción de costes, son una realidad si aplicamos este sistema.

This allows participants to benefit from multiple advantages, such as cargo movements’ transparency and sharing information in the supply chain. The platform helps users to collaborate. The improvement of the user experience and the costs’ reduction will be a reality if we apply this system.

The OneUP Totem: technology and rescue

In OneUP, we are always looking for solutions in order to prevent drowning on coasts. One of our latest proposals is the OneUP Totem.

The biggest of our family. A totem that works autonomously and that is recharged with solar energy. Moreover, it can store several OneUP units inside. This invention was created so passer-by can help in a drowning situation.

Blockchain ports

Easy to use and intuitive. The rescuer must break the small glass door, always with the hand protected. Once you have taken the OneUP, the totem will automatically send a warning to the emergency service and the local police.

The OneUP Totem is just one of the many products that our R&D department is developing in order to implement the most revolutionary technology in our products.

In many cases, the speed of the actions determines the outcome. Betting on progress and technology make a difference.