In the last few years, the blockchain technology has changed the market. Big finance and insurance companies, media, banks or SMEs have been tempted to join this technological revolution. Now, the NGOs are the ones that bet on the blockchain technology.

But, what about NGOs? How can this sector get benefits? This week we tell you in our blog the reason why this organizations will end up being part of this great network.

The three blockchain weapons

This technology can be applied in this sector in different ways. Without a doubt, there are three crucial characteristics that improve the work of these  organizations.

  • Fast transactions

The possibilities that the blockchain offers are endless and unexplored so far. Thanks to this technology, the economic return of the campaigns used on social networks will increase significantly. 

Say goodbye to bureaucratic restraints and bank transactions’ additional costs. You will just need a mobile phone, say goodbye to intermediaries

  • Transparency a a strength

One of the biggest fears of the ones who participate in these kind of projects are the possible irregularities. Fear of scams determines the collaboration in these organizations and blocks the enterprising spirit.


One of the main characteristics of this technology is its transparency. The possibility to know in detail all the movements of the project is possible.

Therefore, any dishonest behaviour can come out. It is better to forget your thug side when we are talking about blockchain. It is a matter of time that the alarms go off.

  • To manage big projects easily

Its scalability allows to disseminate the organization goals in a quick and efficient way. Blockchain is the perfect way to articulate the needs of a project in a short, medium or long term. And then, to follow it properly.

ConGo, the platform that all NGOs were waiting for

8 non-governmental organizations have joined forces to develop a project that is presented as the definitive solution for these kind of entities. This program uses the blockchain to improve the management of the projects.

ComGo aims to settle a platform through which different entities have the possibility to improve the transparency and confidence in their management. Pharmacists Without Borders, Caritas, KUBUKA or the Botín Foundation are some of the entities that are behind this initiative.


This is the first tool used in the management of social impact projects. It was created in order to improve trust, transparency and verify all the operations of these institutions. A sure bet.

Itwillbe, case of success

After a trip to India in 2018, the director of Itwillebe, Arancha Martínez, was clear that she had to take action and do her part in the fight to eliminate global inequality. 


Arancha Martínez says: “far from being a policeman, blockchain can be an ally because it will allow us to communicate with the donor in a revolutionary way”.

Moreover, she also says: “we can educate the society and rise awareness. So, the can understand our real needs, our management and our financing. Smart contracts will make us more efficient and donations will be made in real time”.

OneUP, a project that bet on blockchain

Its immutable and transparent nature make the blockchain a safe and reliable technology. Its scalable power allows projects such as OneUP to reach every corner of the world, bringing the product closer to people more effectively.


This kind of technology fits perfectly with the modernity that our aquatic rescue network initiative has in its DNA. Choosing this revolutionary system is, undoubtedly, a success

*Fragment of the Arancha Martínez interview in Blockchain economía