If you are a regular reader of our blog and you don’t miss any of our posts, you should know that a few weeks ago we launched our investment platform. After explaining the account validation process, now it’s time to know what is an exchange. Do you dare to discover the OneUP exchange?

A new way of understanding the exchanges

Since the birth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have changed the whole digital world. Soon after its appearance, the interest from the community has grew exponentially. So, the integration of Bitcoin into the conventional exchange houses was very necessary due to the high demand. Later, with the creation of new cryptocurrencies, specialized exchange houses capable of incorporating several cryptocurrencies emerged. Coinbase and Kraken are an example of this. 

In fact, the first exchange was developed soon after the appearance of this network. But, do you know exactly what is this platform and how does it work?

A cryptocurrencies exchange is the space in which exchanges are done between digital currencies and fiat money. Likewise, based on supply and demand, online exchange houses set the market price. Thanks to these spaces, the economic and financial life of cryptocurrencies has reached the top.

Nowadays, it’s possible to easily exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies, and vice versa, from any corner of the world. In addition, the commissions that support these type of procedures are very low if we compare them with other type of methods.

Validate your account, so you can use your tokens

Remember! As we told you in the last post, you have to validate your account (KYC) to use your tokens. If you have not read it yet, click here.

oneup exchange

The validation process or Know Your Customer (KYC) is a key piece to invest in a startup like OneUP. In addition, it’s necessary to pass this procedure in order to do the exchanges. Keep in mind that this process is very important, so the financial institutions must collect this data from their clients.

Get the most out of the OneUP exchange

Once you have registered in the investment platform and have passed the account validation process (KYC), you will be ready. We take off!

To access, click on the exchange option, which is located in the top menu of our investment platform. Immerse yourself in the blockchain universe. You can use both your OneUP Tokens and your OneUP units. Find out for yourself.

oneup exchange

I. Exchange your OneUP Tokens and become a rescuer

2. Send OneUP physical units to the address of your choice

3. Exchange OneUP physical units for OneUP Tokens and invest in the STO of the future.

4. Withdraw cryptocurrencies from the platform to your external wallet. With the “withdraw” option, you can move your OneUP Tokens from the OneUP    investment platform.

investment platform

As you can see, you can manage and control everything in a simple way. In our next post, we will thoroughly explain what is a wallet and how you can use it in our investment platform. Don’t miss it!