Oceans are widely unknown. Thousands of people die every year within their waters by underestimating the force of nature and not taking the appropriate safety measures. Sun and beach tourism which we can enjoy in almost every part of the world has thousands of devotees and one of their favourite activities is to enjoy hot days along the seashore. On the sea, aboard sailing boats, cruises, yachts or jet skis.

The safety requirements on every type of vessel ploughing through the oceans increase every year to keep guaranteeing the protection of people in the face of adversities of the tides. The regulations to guarantee a safe voyage on recreational water-crafts differ according to each establishing country. Some nations are laxer than others. However, it is essential for water-crafts to count on, at least, with lifeboats and life preservers, which every now and then must be examined by the concerning authorities.

In the face of dangers present at sea, for leisure or business, any preventing measure is always for little.

The idea of protecting people more and better, and the development of technology have led to the birth of our innovative portable life preserver that every user aboard cruises, sailing boats or fishing vessels could take with them every where. Such compact that it offers the possibility to hang it on your trousers or in your bag.


OneUP is activated in less than 2 seconds when in contact with water and its light weight and small size make it an easy to carry maritime rescue technology for any drowning situation.

With a three hundred grams weight it takes up little space and enables to count on more quantity, guaranteeing the safety of a greater number of people aboard. In an emergency situation, OneUP keeps the drowning victim floating while the concerning security forces and maritime rescue organisations arrive to the area.

Blockchain Cruise 2019, the cruise of Fintech

Crypto and blockchain technology have arrived to stay. They’ve shaken the Fintech World, which doesn’t tear its eyes away from this booming and very successful sector. As a result of the birth and growth of this international community, events related to training on this technology, such as conferences and seminars.


This is the case of Blockchain Cruise 2019 that has been held between the 9th and 13th of June in the Mediterranean. A cruise set up by Coinsbank, in which more than 600 proffesionals of the industry, recognised thought leaders and blockchain technology enthusiasts, coming from every corner of the world, take part.

The objetive of the event has been to link, for three days, all the attendees and their projects, strengthening the bonds which are starting  to establish this chain of blocks through the network.

OneUP aboard the Blockchain Cruise 2019

OneUP, in its objective of creating the first citizen global aquatic rescue network, hasn’t been left behind. The creators of this project have moved to the Mediterranean sea to present the advantages of their innovative product and their blockchain project to high representatives of the crypto community.

The co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger and Gordon Einstein, from CryptoLaw Partners are some notable personalities  have taken part in the Blockchain Cruise 2019. The maritime meeting has also offered the attending companies a high amount of speeches, some ethical speeches about cryptocurrencies and blockchain or about the impact of both technologies in the Fintech World, among other debates.


The new prototype of life preservers, which only takes two seconds to be activated, has been made known as the best choice to contribute to guarantee the safety of the people in the water environment, both, personal title and company level to meet the safety regulations on vessels. Next week, we’ll analyse the impact of OneUP and our experience aboard the Blockchain Cruise 2019.

Carrying OneUP with you in the maritime transports, or in bags and pockets, the possibilities to survive in an adverse situation at sea or a drowning, boost greatly meanwhile the risk of dying is reduces around the world.