The OneUP Project is born to cut the daily 1,200 drowning deaths around the world.

For this reason OneUP is launched, a device that allows easier transport, better use and more availability than other life-preserver devices in places where there is risk of drowning because of the closeness to the aquatic environment.

Over more than three years (2015/2019) we have completed different stages of research: design, prototype development, proof of concept and field tests; in order to turn OneUP in a physical reality. A completely functional and available item ready to be used when necessary around the world.

“The man who has experienced shipwreck shudders even at a calm sea.”Ovid

Our first steps

In mid 2015, the development idea of the product emerges as a natural consequence from the reading of news about rescue activities carried out by the Red Cross and various market studies, enriched with our own experience. Why not making a more adapted, portable and lighter live-jacket which can be transported in large quantities?

Aquatic safety

This idea grows and materialises in a first prototype in March 2016. One year later, we begin to receive the first validations, prizes and investments, which enable the development of a second prototype with a better design as well as allowing us to test the ground and try to make greater use of its capabilities.

In April 2018 we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign considering that it was the best way to spread our message and make people aware as soon as possible. Furthermore, in the same way to let users themselves to know the product.

Our goal was for OneUP to be ready as soon as possible and providing the most competitive pricing. It was done within three months, while we were accomplishing its manufacture and distribution.

A reachable reality for everyone

In July 2018, we began with the first shipments of the campaign, including the delivering of the OneUP units to Red Cross and to Spanish Maritime Safety Agency. Soon after, OneUP was available across the world. From September we did our first distributions in China, Norway and France, beginning the creation of the first global aquatic rescue network.

Aquatic safety

We are pretty aware of the effort and time that is required to be international. Thus, we pursue the expansion of our network relying on our team of professionals who work daily to take this project to another level.

In October we began the development of two new products: the drone and the OneUP totem. Henceforth, until April 2019, we decided to take part in several trade fairs and television programmes to show our product and gain a greater visibility. Specifically, in November and December 2018, we took part in AIDEZ Brussels and the Paris International Boat Show. Considering the same goals, we joined the Inventors Competition on the French national television.

Aquatic safety

The future of our project

We have grown constantly and we yearn to follow this way to achieve our main goal: to reduce the number of drowning deaths that occur annually because of the lack of access to a suitable life-preserver device. Therefore, in October 2019, the international patent which OneUP owns will be renewed.

What’s special about this project is that it’s developed on the blockchain technology, which guarantees the visibility of entrepreneurial initiatives like this, due to its characteristics: a decentralised system which transfers information guaranteeing its immutability, traceability and veracity, providing the technologic infrastructure required for its success.

The participation of everyone who is interested in the project will be accomplished digitally by means of OneUP Tokens, which are based on the NEO blockchain NEP-5 standard.

We believe this crossing to take us further and further and extend our aquatic rescue network, towards a safer world.

Aquatic safety