We have done it again, OneUP has crossed the ocean. In order to expand our aquatic rescue network of citizens, we traveled to the land of the opportunities.

A caravan full of OneUPs and many kilometers ahead, thus began this route. Do you want to join us in this adventure? OneUP is in the US!

Los Angeles: the city of stars

This city has that special glamour that invades you. In other words, it’s a front row seat of a continuous show. Celebrities, flashes, amazing films… Los Angeles is a global city with a great influence in many sectors such as business, international trade and technology.

The West Coast is a beneficial territory for OneUP, specially if we take into account that California leads the security and rescue sector in the world. Organizations such as the USCG (United States Coast Guards) and the USLA (United States Lifesaving Association) are world leaders and mark the steps that must to be followed.

Our team was for two very productive weeks in los Angeles. We held meetings with different distributors to equip with OneUPs all the California’s corners.

OneUP California

We also met our american fellows from BNI and we couldn’t have a better reception. Feeling at home when you’re so far from your country is priceless. These meetings paid off, since a few days later, many companies became interested in the whole OneUP project.

We also had a great opportunity that we didn’t miss. The Pasadena Convention Center hosted the LA Mixer event, which was attended by more than 2,000 entrepreneurs. Many interested people passed by our booth and were fascinated by our portable life preserver. Our attendance was a unique impulse for the project.

OneUP California

A few days later, Amazon knocked on our door. The American company offered us to be part of its Amazon’s launchpad products. A section that aims to promote unique and innovative products. We can’t be happier for this agreement. You can find OneUP on Amazon!

OneUP’s salty route

After conquering Los Angeles, we travelled around the coast, from San Diego to San Francisco. As a good surfing state, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the surf schools from California. Enjoying the adrenaline of the waves safely is possible thanks to OneUP Sports.

OneUP California

Likewise, we attended several meetings with the different fire brigades of the area. These professionals are directly involved with lifeguards and maritime rescue activities. Therefore, it was crucial to have some conversations with them. The public institutions also received us and appreciated our device due to the operation demonstrations we made.

San Francisco, final stop

After several weeks on the road, we arrived to San Francisco. Full of good experiences in the previous cities, we couldn’t be more motivated.

OneUP California

A lot of people say that San Francisco has a certain magnetism that makes you always want to come back. Its commercial potential and its musical history make it unique.

Like in Los Angeles, we were lucky to meet some BNI fellows from San Francisco. In addition, we visited the Vmware offices, one of the most important software companies worldwide. With an ecosystem of 75,000 partners, they have managed to transform entire sectors. Innovation in its purest form. We couldn’t miss an opportunity of this magnitude. 

OneUP keeps up growing by leaps and bounds. This exponential growth is mainly due to our OneUPERS participation. Without them, this project wouldn’t have the strength it currently has.

OneUP California

And you? Are you an OneUPER?