Did you know that our pre-sale public round has begun this week? A unique opportunity to get your OneUP Tokens and take advantage from all the benefits this round offers. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Have your wallet ready

As we had already advanced on our social networks over the past few weeks, August will be full of surprises. Hold on, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Presale round

Those ones who have registered in our AirDrop or in the newsletter will have the possibility to participate exclusively in our pre-sale public round, which will start the 5th of August. If you are one of those ones who always forget birthdays dates and, therefore, have not registered in time, don’t panic. You can still do it clicking on this link.

How can I get more OneUP Tokens?

Very simple. You can choose any of the packages that you prefer. In OneUP, we have created many packages so it can be easier for you to participate. These packages have a price between €50 to €5,000 with their relevant bonuses. Stay focused, they are limited! Check them out and choose one.

There are 6 different packages. Which one do you prefer?

  • 200 Package: you will get 200 OneUP Tokens for a price of €50 and a 5% bonus.
  • 800 Package: you will get 800 OneUP Tokens for a price of €200 and a 10% bonus.
  • 2K Package: you will get 2,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €500 and a 15% bonus. In addition, you will receive an OneUP in your home.
  • 4K Package: you will get 4,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €1,000 and a 20% bonus. In addition, you will receive 2 OneUP units in your home.
  • 8K Package: you will get 8,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €2,000 and a 30% bonus. In addition, you will receive 4 OneUP units in your home.
  • 20K Package: you will get 20,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €5,000, a 60% bonus.
    If you want to get any of these packages, you can access to them in the following link

OneUP keeps up growing

We are in a moment of exponential growth, with an increase of almost a 400% every quarter, thanks to all the initiatives that we are carrying out, both nationally and internationally, and thanks to the market acceptance.

Presale round

As it couldn’t be otherwise, part of this success is thanks to the participants unconditional support and the trust they have placed in our project. Thank you for making it possible!

OneUP doesn’t stop!

Keep in mind the 26th of August. This day begins the public round. You will only have to choose the package that suit you better, so you can be part of our aquatic rescue network of citizens.

Presale round

Regardless of the participation date in the project, we will give you some bonuses depending on the scale of the participation.

We keep doing our best to be present in all the corners of the world. Moreover, our R&D team is developing new products, such as the OneUP Totem and the OneUP Drone, in order to strengthen the OneUP environment.

Join us in this great adventure, don’t hesitate anymore.