Did you know that drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the world? Contribute in a small way and be part of the largest global citizen rescue network. Help us to beat the statistics.
Calm, defiant, sweet or salty. Water is unpredictable and a great unknown although it is present in our everyday.

Thousands of years ago, the first Greek philosopher, Thales of Miletus, said: “Water is the principle of all things”, and he was not going in a wrong way. In fact, the human body is mainly composed of water. Even the first civilizations were founded near the sea or the rivers.

Nowadays, it is estimated that around 60% of the world population lives near the coast or close by high-volume water flows. However, we cannot forget that water is not a medium to which we belong, even though it is present in our everyday. This element is still unknown, and we must be careful with it.

Public health concern

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), drownings are the third cause of death from an unintentional injury in the world. More than 370,000 people die because of this cause, a threat that is neglected by the public health. Sadly, it affects to all kind of groups and ages.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of these deaths happen in low and middle income countries. These death rates reach their maximum in the African region, where they are 15-20 times higher than in other European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

Access to prevention and security systems is crucial when preventing this kind of tragic ending. Therefore, prevention and citizen awareness are extremely important.

The first portable ultra-compact life-preserver

OneUP arises from the personal concern of Saúl de León, CEO and Cofounder of OneUP, after hearing about the reality of the Red Cross volunteers. Many of them reported that, in many situations, they were overwhelmed by the magnitud of the wreck and worried about not being able to help all the people who were in danger due to the lack of resources.

This motivated him to think about how he could help. This is how OneUP was born, an alternative that aims to distribute an ultra-compact life-preserver globally and develop a global network capable of providing rescue resources and reaching every corner of the world.

Become a rescuer, save lives

80% of the drowning accidents happen in unsupervised places. Therefore, our mission is to contribute actively to save lives and, not only provide the different emergency services with this device, but also to ensure that each citizen has his own. Put a OneUP in your life and be part of this project.

Usually, when we go to the beach, we mentally check all the things we need for that plan. Check before leaving home what you carry in your bag: The towel, sunscreen, the keys and your OneUP. Keep it in that compartment of your car that you do not usually use. Hang it in the backpack that you bring to your next trip or put it in your bag for the next boat expedition. In short, take it anywhere.


Our project is a form of private participation that allows potential stakeholders to make financial contributions to achieve our goals, both commercial and humanitarian.

OneUP is a great commercial bet. Furthermore, the members will enjoy the right to participate in the benefits obtained by the sale, around the world, of how many OneUP units are sold.

The peculiarity of this project is that it is developed within the digital blockchain platform, which, due to its features, guarantees the viability of entrepreneurial initiatives such as this one.

Individual participants can fund our cause in an innovative and direct way. In the following publications, we will discuss this new form of private participation in more detail.

OneUP is deployed, in less than two seconds, to create a safer water environment. Together, we can reduce the risk of drowning around the world. Help us to grow.