There were rumors on our social networks for weeks, something was going on in OneUP. Today, we will reveal four of the best kept secrets. Are you ready to be shocked? The OneUP revolution begins.

August has that bittersweet taste. When it starts, you can only think about the endless afternoons and those meals with friends that last for hours. And when it’s coming to an end, the feeling of nostalgia invades you. September is just around the corner with a good dose of routine.

To sweeten these last days of the month, we have prepared several news that will make you smile. Are you ready for the OneUP revolution?

The most innovative app

Our team is developing an application that will allow you to stay tuned about everything. This technology won’t only tell you every detail about the status of the project, but also you can discover the number of OneUPs that have been distributed around the world. So, you will know which places are safe thanks to our device.

Moreover, you can sign up as a OneUPER, register your portable life preserver and receive all the information about it. With this app, you will have your device always updated for any emergency. Has your OneUP already passed the MOT?

OneUP App

To be calm in any aquatic environment is possible. Our software will tell you the number of OneUPs that are close to your area. You will even receive notifications when someone is in danger. You can be part of our rescue network. What are you waiting for to become a rescuer?

 Guaranteed participation

OneUP arises from a worldwide need. Our main goal is to reduce drowning deaths with our aquatic rescue network of citizens. Therefore, we have decided to reward all the participants who don’t get off the ship and continue with us in this 24 months journey. Our team is very proud that all the crew accompany us throughout these months.

How do we do it? Setting a token repurchase price.

In this way, your contribution to the project will be 100% insured. This prevents the token price from falling below the cost price: €0.125.

Monetize your dissemination

Whether you’re a crew member or not, pay attention to what we’re going to tell you. OneUP offers you the possibility to benefit from a series of advantages if you share the project with your friends. Your dissemination counts a lot.

This incentives system, based on objectives, values that each participant shares this unique business opportunity with their friends. Also, you will get a bonus depending on the participation of your friends.

While you make a list of all the people who you are going to tell this bombshell, we give you an example, so that you can understand this revolutionary system perfectly.

Martín has been surfing on the OneUP website for days and has finally decided to be part of the project. He has chosen the 800 package, which contains 800 OneUP Tokens for a price of €200.

That afternoon, he meets his friend Enrique, who falls in love with the project instantly. He decides to buy the 4K package, which contains 4,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €1,000. Therefore, Martín will get a 4% bonus; and Enrique will also get the same bonus for using the link that his friend send him.

OneUP App

Ana and Enrique always take a coffee break. That coffee was probably the most profitable of the week. She chooses the 8K package, which contains 8,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €2,000. For this purchase, Enrique will get a 6% bonus, Martín a 3% and Ana a 5%.

The next day before starting the meeting, Ana tell Marta, her boss, her great decision.  Mesmerized by the aquatic rescue network, she decides to join it. Marta chooses the 2K package, which contains 2,000 OneUP Tokens for a price of €500. So, Ana will get a 3% bonus, Enrique a 2% and Marta a 3%.

As we told you, sharing our project with your friends you won’t only make the rescue network to get bigger, but also to enjoy several benefits.

The final panel

Furthermore we’ll announce the launching of our European Public Round and you’ll enjoy all the possibilities offered by the panel and purchase OneUP Tokens at a starting price of €0.25, to which you have to discount the bonuses… Up to 100%

Buying the packages and enjoying the benefits of the bonuses is more simple thanks to our panel. Hurry up! The packages are limited. Don’t miss yours.

OneUP App

In addition, this platform will keep you up to date about everything that happens in OneUP. Inviting your friends and enjoying the benefits from the referral system is a piece of cake with this technology.

The OneUP revolution has only just begun. These four news is just a snack of what is coming. Don’t get left behind.