Concern for the environment and public awareness about this issue have grown in the last few years. The world is asking us to adapt our habits and give a second life to many of the products we consume.

 What would happen if we tell you that the blockchain technology is also present in the waste-management? Keep reading to find out.

The waste recycling is a tricky and complicated activity. The movement of waste requires many permits and procedures, so these movements can happen. Therefore, a British company has developed a revolutionary tool based on the blockchain.

A transparent management tool

As we have anticipated, a British company is behind this management tool that marks a before and an after in this type of mechanisms. The cargo movement company, Maritime Transport International (MTI), has implemented a transparent system with smart contracts to certify management information.

Waste management

“Our model is 100% transparent to the end user and our experts’ team is always available to help our customers with any logistic or technical questions.”

The tool, dubbed as Traca, result of a collaboration with the Recycling Association, has already successfully completed its first pilot test in which seven containers have been shipped from Potter Bar to Southeast Asia.

Blockchain, the solution for waste management

As we mentioned above, the movement of waste require several permits that normally slow down and prolong the shipment of waste. Without going any further, these permits consist of documents that collect the mass and content of each shipment.

However, with Traca the information is decentralized and thanks to the blockchain technology, only the members of the network have access; waste producers, recyclers, regulators and processing centers. These agents can obtain the information they request about the shipment instantly at any time.

Waste management

The Recycling Association emphasizes the importance of obtaining verified information, this is the reason why the decided to develop a transparent and manipulation-free mechanism from the beginning to the end of the process and based on smart contracts.

However, the case of Traca would not be the first that used the blockchain technology for waste management. Two Spanish companies, in June, joined forces to apply the blockchain and take advantage of all the opportunities and possibilities from which they could benefit. Technology in its purest form.

A reusable life preserver capable of reaching every corner

In OneUP, we rely on the blockchain technology to achieve our goals faster. One of the advantages of having relied on the blockchain, is the possibility of plotting the entire OneUP creation process from the manufacturing to its delivery.

This information is very useful because it improves the efficiency of the company and allows all the OneUPERS to know in detail the situation of the project in real time.