There are thousands of alternatives to get bitcoins and cryptocurrencies for free. Without a shadow of doubt, one of the most popular are airdrops. But do you know what is an airdrop?

In this post, we will help you to understand what is an airdrop and how you can get it.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is an action that tries to distribute a series of tokens among a group of people for free. In other words, it’s a gift from heaven.

This type of initiatives matches perfectly with the blockchain culture, where ideas take form and grow thanks to the dedication and effort of the participants. Therefore, the coordination of all the agents involved is decisive for the progression of the project.

If you still don’t understand this concept and cannot visualize it, don’t panic. We give you below an example that will clarify your ideas.


Business opportunity

We’ve all been on the beach at least once. Lying in the sun and trying to get all the vitamin D that our body allows us. Running away from the noise and the mad whirl of the city.

The roar of the waves breaking against the rocks. The laugher of children at the distance playing with the sand.

Everything is apparently calm. Until the moment when the awful noise of a plane disturbs our log-awaited silence.

Well, this famous plane that announces the opening of an ice-cream parlor in the town square, is the example we were looking for.

The ice-cream parlor offers free ice cream to its future customers, in order to try it out and for the customers to be fascinated.

If that happens, they won’t only be satisfied and return, but they’ll spread the word.


If we go back to the blockchain universe:

  • The plane is the channel through which the message is disseminated. In the case of the airdrop, the digital platforms that disclose it
  • The ice-cream parlor is the project
  • The free ice-creams are the tokens

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Types of airdrop

There are several ways in which tokens can be distributed:

  1. Subject to one or more actions

This modality is the most well-known and it’s the one that gets the greatest visibility. The project gives you a series of tokens in exchange for one or more marketing actions.

  1. To own a cryptocurrency

Sometimes, the simple fact of having a type of cryptocurrency allows you to participate in the airdrop.

  1. To have an account in certain exchanges

In this case, the basic requirement is to have an account in certain exchanges that are actively promoting the project.

  1. To install a specific app

Some mobile applications promote their installation by providing small amounts of cryptocurrencies per day to users only because they’re installed.


How to get your 200 tokens

In OneUP, we have everything ready to carry out our first aerial launch, in which 6 million tokens will be distributed. You have no excuses to stay out. Join this business opportunity.

Tomorrow, April 15th200 tokens, equal to €50, can be yours. We will distribute 30,000 wallets. You can get this airdrop until July 22nd.


Your dissemination counts a lot

Once you have caught the airdrop, enjoy the advantages it offers you to share it with your acquaintances. Mouth-to-mouth had never been so profitable.

In OneUP, we have designed an incentive system that rewards the capture and dissemination of the airdrop. Your contribution is vital for the growth of the project.

If you introduce the airdrop to your friends and they register, you will get a 10% bonus, which is 20 tokens.