OneUP Team - May 26, 2019

OneUP expanding around the world

Did you know that drowning is one of the ten leading causes of death across the world? According to the WHO (World Health Organization), every year 370,000 people die from drowning, which represents 42 cases per hour.


More than half of the global population that dies from drowning are under the age of 25, particularly children under 5. This situation usually occurs in ordinary circumstances, especially inside or outside their home in the pools, beaches or lakes.


Crossing the seas with additional safety

Prevention, therefore, is vital. Despite the lack of knowledge on drowning and its prevention, we must adopt efficient measures. OneUP was born from this on-going concern, with the mission of decreasing the drowning deaths produced in the world.


OneUP is a portable device that provides safety to all those who are in aquatic environments. Are you one of those who go out every weekend to sail by boat? Or, maybe, you prefer to go fishing or swimming to disconnect from your daily routine? Come what may, do not forget to take your OneUP with you, in your beach bag, rucksack, glove compartment or carry it with a carabiner. Kitting the population out with OneUP, we don’t only pursue the decreasing of the number of drownings, but the strengthening of the community ties creating a network of citizens were anybody could be a rescuer.


The Canaries: sand, saltpetre and OneUP

A research of the Platform for the Prevention of Aquatic Accidents revealed, early this year, that the Canaries is the Spanish autonomous community that registers more drowning deaths than traffic accidents.

The Canaries is the only destiny in Spain and Europe with high season during the 365 days of the year and has the sea as the main touristic attraction. This, certainly, compels us to think about the need of awareness about the existing risks.


Some municipalities of Gran Canaria such as Agaete, Santa María de Guía and Moya have already OneUP units on their hands, which will be available to the users of the northern beaches and their lifeguards. El Hierro island has also been concerned about our project, obtaining thus, OneUP units to use them in its beaches.

Soon, the beach of Las Canteras will have installed one of our last solutions: the OneUP Totem: a self-sufficient column, rechargeable with solar power and with several units of the product inside. This invention will entail a plus aid for all the pedestrians of the beach who witness drownings. Its use is easy and very intuitive; we’ll simply have to break the little glass in the totem, with hands protected, and take the OneUP. Once this has been done, the device sends a warning automatically to the emergency number and the local police department, so helping the person who is about to drown will be faster.

From the beaches of the Canaries to the beaches of Copacabana, this invention will entail that everybody links OneUP with a daily use item that they can use to save lives. And that, finally, is our goal; to take OneUP everywhere so everybody always walks along with OneUP.


Our first steps

OneUP came out internationally in August 2018, starting the building of a global rescue network. It’s not difficult to notice the possibilities that this portable life preserver presents, so little by little we have been consolidating and opening to new international markets. Currently, we can find OneUP in more than 10 countries around the world: Spain, France, Norway, China, USA, Greece, Cyprus, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Israel, Canada, Saudi Arabia and, soon, we’ll be in Australia and New Zealand.


Given the efficiency and reduced size representing OneUP, organizations such as Red Cross and Maritime Rescue have incorporated thousands of OneUP units to use them in the emergency situations they deal with day by day.

This is only the beginning for OneUP, an entrepreneurial project with the desire to stir up the emergency sector and to become in a reference life preserver in the entire world.

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